NEoN Digital Arts Archive

Front cover - "16 Days Of... , a collective zine"

Radical Digital Activism & Care - Zine and Poster Workshop

3rd December 2022 in Keiller Centre

UNITE! with us and call for preventing and eliminating online violence against women and girls. In support of this civil society initiative, we call for participants to increase awareness, galvanise advocacy efforts, and share knowledge and innovations.

As part of the 16 days of activism, we ran a workshop on Radical Digital Activism, where artist and illustrator Majsko Sekula worked with the community to create campaign-style zines and posters that explored care, action and change in our digital lives. Participants joined to create campaign-style zines and posters that explored care, action and change in our digital lives, helping to raise awareness for 16 days of Activism. Participants made their own zines or posters to take home, or contribute to a collaborative piece of work, which was printed and published as a collective action zine celebrating our messages of hope, activism and support.

“16 Days Of…” is a zine made as a part of our Zine Making Workshop. During the workshop, participants were asked to create a visual artwork responding to the 16 Days campaign, feminism, and issues of GBV. The artworks were then collected, scanned, adjusted digitally and put together into what you can now see- a collective zine where together we call upon the end of violence against women and girls. “16 Days Of…” is available digitally as a PDF, and NEoN has a print run of the zine as well.

About the Artist - Majsko Sekula (they/them) is a Dundee-based artist specialising in illustration, storytelling and zine making. An Abertay University Computer Arts graduate, they are interested in ways of connecting visual arts and creativity with topics of LGBTQ representation and feminism. Majsko has published two original zines, “Anxiety”, exploring the use of visual art in expressing struggles of mental illness, and “Do-It-FOR-Yourself”, in which they examine the queerness within the punk subculture in a form of visual storytelling. They are currently working for NEoN as a gallery assistant and facilitator.