NEoN Digital Arts Archive

Character designs by TADO


In collaboration with Akinori Oishi, TADO are working on a collaborative commission that will change the landscape of one of Dundee’s main shopping streets.

Mike and Katie are TADO, the UK-based duo whose darkly adorable characters have taken the design and illustration worlds by storm. The pair live and work in Sheffield, where they churn out fun for clients and happy people alike. Their portfolio includes a vast range of projects from fashion through to advertising and their artwork has been exhibited worldwide with several international solo shows.

Everything they do is produced in total collaboration - whether it be taking turns in painting, scribbling, or clicking. Their clients include the likes of MTV, Nike, Kidrobot, Gola, Vodafone, Microsoft, Sanrio, Lucas, and Virgin to name a few.

Venue: Union Street & secret locations!
Date: 8th-14th November 2010
Time: 24hr