NEoN Digital Arts Archive

Tent set up on the grass

JOURNEY TO THE LAW (Part of NEoN Finale)

The festival culminated in a gathering on the Law to watch a special dance performance. Over 60 dancers from Dundee, young and old, spent weeks working together on the routine. They danced to a ‘La Lumiere’ a song composed especially for this event by local musicians Andrew Mitchell and Raz Ullah. Each dancer wore a pair of green LED light-pads on their hands for the performance; this coupled with the location, the highest point in Dundee, and on a clear night, ensuring that the overall effect was nothing short of spectacular!

La Lumière

LED’s, movement, sound, and image were brought to life one of Dundee’s most loved landmarks. Using 60 local dancers this large-scale performance took its references from the festival theme, collaboration, and the nature of complex patterns created from the interaction. With choreographed glowing hands moving to an original score produced by local musicians Andrew Mitchell and Raz Ullah, this was a highly charged and powerful visual experience.

Choreography by Lesley Farquhar and Clare Brennan

Laying Down The LawD-AiR Performance Collective examined the rules that regulate parks, open spaces, and places of public resort or recreation in Dundee. We were curious to know whether ‘management’ and ‘control’ were synonymous terms and how these verbs related to the more abstract principle of The Law. Taking as our performance score the Management Rules Regulating Parks, Open Spaces and Places of Public Resort or Recreation, this P.C. performance fulfilled The Law by exceeding it.


Tagtool (live animation) with Alistair Wilson was a performance-driven visual instrument used on stage and on the street. It served as a VJ tool, a creative video game, or an intuitive way of creating animation.

Venue: Law Hill
Date: 12 November 2011
Time: starts at 8pm