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Screengrab of two men holding hands


Rosana Cade & Invited Guests

Saturday 13th November, 2:00pm-4:00pm

Central Library, The Wellgate, DD1 1DB

Rosana Cade presented the creative documentary 'Walking:Holding', which is a response to their acclaimed participatory performance of the same name. The project invites people to walk through the city holding hands with a range of different strangers, and explores intimacy, identity, activism, and vulnerability in urban public spaces, uncovering the physical and psychological barriers faced by many from marginalised communities.

In presenting this work online for Wired Women, Rosana moved this exploration into the digital realm and interrogated the accessibility and safety of the internet as a public space for marginalised individuals, as well as looking at how it can serve them as a place for protest and connection.

Discussion Information

In Walking:Holding we hear from a range of different people about their experiences of moving through towns and cities: where they feel safe, what barriers they face, and what kind of intimacy or connection might be possible in these urban public spaces.

Following the screening for Wired Women, Rosana hosted a discussion with a small panel using the film as a response point to consider our experiences of the internet as a ‘digital city’, or a virtual shared space.

The discussion foregrounded personal experiences to delve into themes of identity and vulnerability in the online world, exploring the safety and accessibility of this place for marginalised individuals, as well as its potential to fuel protest and foster connection.

Reflecting on the mass migration to the digital that occurred when the pandemic broke out, they discussed the impact this has had on the accessibility of arts and culture, and what learning is still needed to bring people together online.

The discussion is BSL interpreted and lasts approx 45 mins.

This event is both online and in-person. Please note BSL was only available for the in-person event.

About the Artist

Rosana Cade is a Glasgow based non-binary artist. Whilst the form of their work varies and emerges in response to the specific context or inquiry they are engaging with, it is rooted in queer discourse and straddles performance, live art, film, and activism.

Almost all of their work is collaborative, and takes place in different contexts including theatres, galleries, urban public spaces, nightclubs and cabaret settings. For the past ten years Rosana has been touring their work across the UK and Europe with a range of organisations including the National Theatre in London, at Summerhall as part of the Made in Scotland Showcase at the Edinburgh Fringe 2014 and MIS and British Council Showcase 2019, Contact Theatre - Manchester, the Arches in Glasgow, Fierce Festival, Gessnerrallee in Zurch, Teatro Maria Matos in Lisbon, Frascati in Amsterdam, Kampnagel in Hamburg, Tanzquartier in Vienna and Gorki in Berlin. Rosana created their acclaimed interactive participatory performance, ‘Walking:Holding’ in 2011 and has continued to tour this work to over 40 locations, working with local participants wherever it's presented.

In 2016 Rosana collaborated with filmmakers Claire Nolan and Charlie Cauchi to make a creative documentary about the project, funded by the Jerwood Charitable Foundation and the Arts Council England. Rosana is also co-founder of Buzzcut - Glasgow who support live art and experimental performance in Glasgow with a strong community focused ethic. They have an ongoing collaborative practice with their life partner Ivor MacAskill as Cade & MacAskill. Image Credit: Walking Holding, Rosanna Cade

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