NEoN Digital Arts Archive

Two people riding the vehicles outside


N55 work with art as a part of everyday life; designed and built low-fi technology, tools, and structures which sought to empower real people in the real world.

N55 grew from a collaborative exhibition space and lab that was set up in Copenhagen, 1994, developing a collective that had a common interest to “rebuild the city from within” using everyday life situations as a platform for public events and collaborations. N55 is a platform for people who want to work together, people who have a shared interest in democratically encouraging individuals to become self-reliant.

For NEoN, N55 collaborated with artist Till Wolfer and developed Space Frame Vehicles; a project which enables individuals/groups to build their own vehicles for the transportation of people and goods. A simple lightweight construction using easily sourced parts, simple tools, and requires no welding. The orthogonal design had been selected for ergonomic reasons; the rider’s weight was distributed over a larger area providing greater comfort. It also had an aerodynamic advantage, minimising wind resistance.

SPACE FRAME VEHICLE symbolised N55’s mission to provide solutions to everyday problems, solutions that are accessible to all, that are low cost, and require minimum specialist skills. Although N55 does not claim that their designs solve pressing social and economic problems, they do believe that the very act of setting to work can empower a person and help change the way he or she sees the world.

Venue: Hannah Maclure Centre
Date: Opening evening 11 November 7 pm (open from 14 November 2011–27 January 2012)
Times: Mon – Fri, 10 am – 5 pm
Tickets: no ticket required