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Colourful lights with dark mountains in the background


School of Life Sciences
University of Dundee

This exhibition is the result of a project in which artists working with animation were brought together with six biomedical scientists, initiated by Animate Projects. Six video animation artworks represent a more scientific perspective on topics such as immunology, diseases, genetics, cells and sleeplessness, aiming to generate new ways of thinking about the human body. The works by boredomresearch (AfterGlow), Genetic Moo (Battle of Blister), Eric Schockmel (Immunecraft), Samantha Moore (Loop), Charlie Tweed (The Signal and the Noise) and Ellie Land (Sleepless) were created especially for Silent Signal. Their works all take on a very different form of animation art to be sometimes explanatory, while at other times being rather playful or abstract.

“Our bodies perform a soundless internal dialogue between cells using the universal cypher of genetics. These signals are fundamental to how our bodies operate and how they adapt to fight disease.”

Silent Signal is devised and produced by Animate Projects with scientist Bentley Crudgington and is supported by a Wellcome Trust Large Arts Award and the Garfield Weston Foundation.

The exhibition runs until 26 November

More information about LifeSpace can be found here