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A one day workshop, exploring sound narratives and improvisation. The resulting creative work is played underwater as part of Wet Sounds – an acclaimed underwater deep listening experience installing at swimming pools.

The creative sound workshop develops listening, recording and the composition of a narrative sound piece. It also practices the development of narrative audio content and instructs the use of group music improvisation as a compositional technique.

The workshop touches on
– Sound on film
– How to work together creatively
– Recording skills
– Group music-making
– Improvisation
– Storytelling
– Enhances listening and teaches differentiation of sound sources

Participants will learn of different use of sound in film through several examples. They will then ask to create a narrative for a short 20min film. Using handheld recorders, the participants will go out and record sounds that they feel would be relevant to the piece. The participants then provide all the audio content for the narrative using instruments and voice, in a fun and imaginative improvised recording session. The musicianship is not essential.

The final work or 15min extract will be sent to all participants and played at the Wet Sounds event @Olympia Leisure pool on Friday 8th November, 8 pm for underwater listening!

Event information

Title: Sound Narratives Creative Workshop
Venue: Roseangle Arts Cafe
Where: Roseangle
When: Thursday 7th November
Time: 11am – 4pm

Age 14+. Booking is required and tickets are available here