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Visitors in the venue


This year’s NEoN Festival will culminate in the action-packed Closing Party at Chamber East, in a celebration featuring live performances, installations, stunning visual displays, and of course, plenty of tasty food and drinks.

The evening will begin with an AUDIOVISUAL VJ//DJ set featuring special guest performances. The night will continue NEoN’s theme of movement between the physical and virtual worlds, allowing visitors to enjoy eclectic electronic music and digital displays whilst physically engaging with these digital creations through listening, speculating, and dancing for the more adventurous!

Making their live debut, shadowy duo, Art of the Memory Palace will provide a stunning visual performance and transmit narcotic sweeps of Motorik sound from the outer reaches of Scotland’s east coast.

Riding the same waves as Kosmiche pioneers such as Harmonia, Popol Vuh, and Neu! but very much in the 21st century, Art of the Memory Palace create lysergic, throbbing grooves out of dense layers of multi-tracked vocals and the ebb and flow of vintage synthesizers. They will be performing ‘in the round’ within a specially commissioned 3-D structure and will be accompanied by live visuals created by one of Dundee’s foremost animators/VJ’s, making for a truly unique digital experience.

Audio Engineer, Steve Millan, will present his latest developments in ‘seeing sound’. Get your image frequencies extracted and turned into audio and back again – what will your face sound like?

The Closing Party’s combination of impressive digital performances and interaction will provide a unique opportunity to engage with digital arts in a variety of ways and to move between the physical and virtual worlds – not something many people can say they have done! Come along to Chamber East and experience the transition for yourselves – it's going to be fun!

Event information
Title: Closing Party
Venue: Chamber East
Where: Panmure Street
When: Saturday 10th November
Time: 8pm – 1am