NEoN Digital Arts Archive

Visitors in the venue


A fun-filled afternoon for the whole family as NEoN got creative with digital technology. Participants were able to record a song, make a short film, create a life-sized character and manipulate sound and visuals with the movement of your body! NEoN was also screening a series of family-friendly short films.

Making Movies – Participants were invited to experiment with a movie camera and storyboards. Using their own creative imagination, they were able to become their own film director and make one-minute movies.

Be a Pop Star for a day! – Participants were able to spend the afternoon recording their own version of a Pop hit! NEoN provided the backing tracks and lyrics, so all people had to do was step up to the microphone and sing! The recording was then mixed and mastered and burned to a CD for participants to keep.

Remix yourself!– Participants were invited to use live video mixing software to remix and process their own image. Isadora is a professional application used by choreographers worldwide to apply real-time effects and visual manipulations to contemporary dancers. People were able to create patterns with their bodies and project them onto a wall or interact with the wide range of eye-popping effects available.

Crazy Characters – Ever wanted to be a superhero or a fairy princess? the 2011 workshop brought people a step closer by transforming them into a life-size 2D version of their favourite character. Participants could pull a pose, draw around their bodies from top to toe and use colour and collage to transform their cartoon selves.

Symbols and Signs – Traffic signs, desktop icons, gamepad symbols… we are surrounded by imagery every day! Participants were able to bring these boring symbols to life by transforming them into comical cartoons! People could add shape, colour, words, and more in this easy-peasy workshop.