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Abstract photograph of a cityscape


Screening Programme

West Henderson’s Wynd

Complimenting this year’s festival theme ‘The Spaces We’re In’, this curated programme of short films will explore the physical and virtual space that increasingly influences our perception of the city and the spatial environment.

We will be reshowing some of the highlights from our pop-up event ‘The Space You’re In’ along with a new selection of national and international artists shorts. The line up includes documentation of The Cloud walks by Guillaume Brisson-Darveau, a documentary experimental film about Dundee’s waterfront development by Sam Goncalves, and new work by Charlie Tweed, Calum Stirling, Stephanie Delazeri, and others.

After the screening at Verdant Works on Sunday, the programme will run in the mini cinema in the Visual Research Centre alongside the exhibition in Centrespace (Thurs-Friday-Sat until November 26).