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Panoramic shot of Dundee with the bridge


Dundee is the first city in Scotland to lose its analogue television signal and go all digital. Dundee is also to become Scotland’s first Fibrecity®.

Dundee is a modern, forward looking city and has to consider ‘Digital Dundee’ as a whole. It needs to identify ways it can harness e-technology to improve leisure, business processes and increase their competitive advantage.

At this debate, we will be asking the questions: Does Dundee need a digital strategy? Should it continue to develop organically? What would a world-class broadband wireless technical infrastructure do for the city?

Along with industry specialists and key professionals from the city we will discuss what the advantages and/or disadvantages are for ‘going digital’.

Panel includes:

Paul Carroll, Performance & Improvement Manager, Dundee City Council
Gameelah Ghafoor, Global Project Manager for Comms, Security & CRM FSE, NCR
Clive Gilman, Director, Dundee Contemporary Arts
Colin Anderson, Managing Director, Denki
Doug Tonner, Client Director – BT Scotland

Venue: Dundee City Square, City Council Conference Room
Date: 31st August 2010
Time: 6pm – 8pm