NEoN Digital Arts Archive

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NEoN presents a day of music, installations, and digital happenings in and around some of Dundee’s hidden spaces. The day will be rounded off with a choreographed LED dance piece on one of Dundee’s most iconic landmarks.

Join us for lunch* at the Shore café starting at 12.30 pm and we will take you on a digital journey across the city.


Rachel Maclean:

Everybody Knows It’s True (Screening)

Everybody Knows It’s True was produced as a music video for the release of The Phantom Band’s single of the same name. Inspired by neo-classical sculpture, medieval alchemy and children’s television, the video by Rachel Maclean casts each member of the band as an element or participant within a larger mechanical/ chemical process.


NOMA (live performance)

John Cromar is a Glasgow-based musician and writer. He has been active on the live scene for over 14 years and has recorded music since his early teens. He mostly performs solo but is also a contributor to various duos and ensemble groups.

Venue: Shore Café
Date: 12 November 2011
Time: starts at 12.30 pm
Tickets: no ticket required

*Lunch will be provided

Dylan Drummond (screening)

Keep The Faith is a documentary film made in Dundee that focuses on the city’s Northern Soul scene. This music movement was strong in the 1970s and saw young people from the different housing schemes of the city, normally very territorial, come together to dance all night until dawn to the sound of Northern Soul music.

The Northern Soul scene in Dundee is a genuine grassroots culture that is rightly protective of its loyal community.

The film pays homage to the hundreds of ‘Auldies’, as they call themselves, who still gather to dance the night away, some 35 years after the very first all-nighters in such landmark buildings as Dundee’s Marryat Hall.

Dylan Drummond, the director of the film, took the unusual approach of sharing segments of the film publicly during the production stage to establish trust with the Northern Soul community. “My hope is that they can truly see the film as collaboration, “ says Drummond. “The way that the soul community has stayed true to their rich and positive culture is a beautiful and inspiring legacy.”

Emerging Artists (screening)

Showcasing film, animation & moving image from emerging Scottish artists.

Venue: Dundee Backpackers
Date: 12 November 2011
Time: starts at 2 pm

Tom De Majo (sound installation)

Sound Design artist Tom De Majo uses one of the oldest buildings in Dundee as a resonator for a new installation that brings to life the echoes of its past.

Venue: Old Steeple, Nethergate
Date: 12 November 2011
Time: 4p m-5 pm

Jung In Jung (performance)

Physical gestures and movements generate sound in this atmospheric performance. By manipulating gaming technology the dancers sculpt sound in real-time, exploring how layers of sound interact, and developing a narrative reflecting the subterranean environment of the performance space.

Venue: Chamber East
Date: 12 November 2011
Time: starts at 4.30 pm
Tickets: no ticket required

Food will be provided. The bar opens 4 pm

Sound Installation

Listen to the stars via a technique called stellar seismology. Electromagnetic waves emitted by a star are converted to sound waves to give another dimension to Dundee’s Planetarium!

Robert Law, Visitor Assistant at Mills Observatory, will also give an insight into the lights & sounds of the universe.

Stefan Blomier (performance)

Stefan will be performing a brand new work in the dome of the Mills Observatory, again using his trusty arsenal of vintage equipment and a sharp ear for a tune.

Venue: Mills Observatory
Date: 12 November 2011
Time: 7pm