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Guthrie Street

As always NEoN celebrates with its Finale party (although it’s not our final day!). This year we have the rare chance to be hosting it in the vast factory space of West Ward Works, the former DC Thomson print works.

NEoN is very excited to announce Yasmin Gate will be performing live as part of this year’s finale.
Yasmin‘s live show is an innovative audiovisual experience for the club scene. Not only does she illuminate the stage with her vocals and charismatic presence, she truly glows while she plays her custom instrument, the Dsumi (DS Unconventional MIDI Instrument). Her music is accompanied by an interactive visual system designed by Japanese artist Tatsuru Arai.

We are also delighted to announce an exclusive live video and music performance:
‘Irradiated Nation’, Atoms of Desire meet the Neutron Flux Archive

Performing for the first time together, ‘The Neutron Flux Archive’ (aka Gair Dunlop) and ‘The Atoms of Desire’ (Alan Cormack and Adam Lockhart) will provide a live performance of multiscreen visuals from ‘The Atomic Age’.

Fact and fiction, every day and the uncanny, high tech and dirty laundry: the strangest and the most ordinary images, and by the end of the evening you won’t be able to tell the difference. The live soundtrack to the piece will use elements of the original archive footage combined with recordings at nuclear installations with a semi-improvised soundscape combining elements of noise, avant-garde, ambient and krautrock, reacting to the visuals throughout.

Our Resident DJ RHL will be playing some tunes in between and to keep the party going, check here for past performances.