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Screengrab of the game


Holly White

Wednesday 10 - Saturday 13 November, 24/7

Holly White has created a work for the festival activity space combining video game design with writing and hand-painted imagery to explore the potential of roleplay, science fiction and world-building for fostering new ways of understanding our environment and community.

She has presented a newly developed online text-based adventure game The Talking Tree featuring a forest, an internet cafe and an animatronic tree with very lifelike leaves.

About the Artist

Holly White is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Glasgow. She works primarily in installation, film, digital and text, utilising handmade craft processes alongside computer-based elements. Her work blends factual narratives with speculative science fiction. Recent solo exhibitions include Cordova, Barcelona; Almanac, Turin; and Jupiter Woods, London, and her work has been included in group presentations at Tate Britain, Bologna Museum of Modern Art, Serpentine Galleries and David Roberts Art Foundation. She is currently producing a video game. Holly also works with schools and community groups and has recently produced work with young people at Rumpus Room, Glasgow; Collective, Edinburgh; Hospitalfield House, Arbroath and Serpentine Galleries, London.

Image Credit: Screen shot of the game The Talking Tree by Holly White.


VT - Highly Visual / With Text

Projects with this tag will be highly visual and contain text. The text is currently not compatible with a screen reader.

The Talking Tree was an online commission for the NEoN 2021 festival, it can now be found here

The interview with Holly White was done as a part of the festival programme