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Francesca Perona

In the context of the changing landscape of Dundee, artist Francesca Perona explores the spaces in between the rich industrial heritage of the city, the present transformation of the waterfront and the future vision represented in the 3d digital visualisations.

Liminal cities investigates the material agencies involved in the cyclic physical regeneration of the city to create artefacts that interface the tangible with the imaginary. Water and crushed concrete borrowed from the construction sites and visual elements borrowed from the 3d visualisations are used to craft performative objects that change over time in the gallery space.

The artworks enquire about the liminality of the digital models and open space of discussion on the role of the community of Dundee in crafting the future. Re-enacting transitional material processes, the artist aims to trace connections between natural ecologies and manmade landscapes, and between past, present and future heritage.

Event information
Title: Liminal Cities Exhibition Preview
Venue: Hannah Maclure Centre
Where: Bell Street
When: Friday 8th November
Time: 6.00pm – 8.00pm
The exhibition continues Mon 11th Nov – Fri 13th Dec 2013