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NEoN Digital Arts Festival is pleased to announce the arrival of critically acclaimed and sometimes controversial musician Matthew Herbert’s One Pig tour to the Dundee Rep Theatre. Following on from Herbert’s 2011 album of the same name, One Pig tells the story of a “single farm animal's life, from birth to plate, in an otherwise anonymous food chain. When everything I read politically and watch and hear has been absorbed, there comes a point where you must feel it viscerally. Otherwise, you are closed to the horrors of it and thus closed to the possibility of action, closed to the idea that you could make a difference."

Herbert’s musical and technical abilities, have allowed him to do this from a radically different perspective, one which uses magnetic tape to record specific sounds of One Pig’s life, from birth, through life, to butchery. It is important to note that during this process no single part of the animal was wasted, with even its skin being recycled to create pigskin drums. Although this may seem extreme, this compelling concert encourages us through music to see the realities behind our shrink wrapped consumerism.

Event information
Title: One Pig
Venue: Dundee Rep Theatre
Where: Tay Square, South Tay Street
When: Sunday 4th November
Time: 7.30 pm