NEoN Digital Arts Archive

Close-up of a machine


A mini-symposium on futureproofing the digital arts which invites art historians, academic researchers, archivists and artists to debate tactics for ensuring a legacy for moving image and media art in all its analogue and digital manifestations.


Laura Leuzzi (REWINDItalia)
Adam Lockhart (REWIND)
Donna Holford-Lovell (NEoN)
Mark Daniels (New Media Scotland)
Jon Thomson & Alison Craighead (artists)
Nora O’Murchu (curator/University of Limerick)
Sarah Cook (CRUMB)
Gregor White (Abertay University)
Prof. Stephen Partridge (DJCAD/REWIND).

Supported by New Media Scotland & REWINDItalia

Event information
Title: Mini Symposium
Venue: Malmaison Dundee
Where: 44 Whitehall Crescent, DD1 4AY
When: Friday 7th November
Time: 10.30pm – 4.30pm