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FEM/HACK//CHANGE promotional poster


In search of Feminist Infrastructures

17:09:22 - 01:10:22
Exploratory exhibition and performance
NEoN Digital Arts and Federation Gallery

Sick of the filthy digital dust, monotonous, control. Power.
Tired of repressed, impenetrable, homogeneous bodies, systems.
Useless recursive manipulation.
Information and constructs fail all that is around us.
We search for the antidote for the hetero-patriarchal arrogance.
How would we ever detangle?
This is the start of our journey … Femm:Hack:Change


Imagine New Imaginaries

“Dear Twitter, we both know that staying together is no longer a viable option for us, and it is time we accept it. Circumstances have changed and have, sadly, worked against us.”

We collectively desire to reimagine our tangled computational infrastructures to better support programming, and care more about all our digital interactions. This is our reimagining journey.
We live in a neoliberal world that requires high productivity in a short period of time, which has the effect of isolating us and creating conditions so unrealistic and stressful that burnout is commonplace. For high-quality production and service, we need time: time for engaging, innovating, experimenting, organising,
evaluating, and inspiring.

Together we are developing a new feminist ethics of care that challenges these hostile conditions: introducing more robust strategies that emphasise collaborative, collective, and communal approaches. By reassessing and claiming time for collective action informed by feminist theory, we can find alternatives to neoliberal models that are fast-paced and metric-oriented.

Alongside this, we must also develop a feminist digital infrastructure that, at its heart, keeps people safe from capitalist and extractive digital hardware and software. We break up with one of our extractive relationships.

Our journey seeks ways to get the most from a hyper-scaledown to learn about slow feminist and queer server practices, including storage, videoconferencing, collaborative working, low-power graphics, and related practices within the field of (digital) art practices and community organising.

In Solidarity.

Images credit: Kathryn Rattray