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NEoN Digital Arts Festival are pleased to announce that this years programme will feature Heartbeater, a fully interactive audio-visual installation, designed by Edinburgh based Composer Matthew Collings and American-Icelandic artist Erik Parr. In keeping with this year's festival theme of exploring movement between the physical and virtual worlds, Heartbeater will focus on physicality and the human body, using the physical movements of the audience to manipulate the sounds and visuals around them.

This is achieved through the use of two controllers which create sound and image based on electrical signals from the body. These signals produce a reflection of the user's movements allowing Heartbeater to produce various sounds and tranquil images of water, which are manipulated by the user. The installation is a fascinating example of combining digital technology with meditation in an experience that allows the user to produce a truly unique effect.

Heartbeater will be showcased in Dundee’s Nilupul Foundation, where a cheese and wine reception will be served to those who come along early.

Event information
Title: Heartbeater
Venue: Nilupul Foundation
Where: Reform Street
When: Thursday 8th November
Time: 7.30pm – 9pm