NEoN Digital Arts Archive

Machine exhibit


An exhibition of interaction, movement, and sound featuring:

• Sound Design artist Tom De Majo

• Video Artist Gayle Meikle

• Visual artist, director, musician & engineer Memo Akten

• Sculptor, illustrator and games concept designer Max Cant

• Artist Tim Vincent-Smith {nook}
Venue: Chamber Building Date:
7th – 12th November
Time: 12 pm – 5 pm
Tickets: no ticket required

Tim Vincent Smith & Tom De Majo

Installation and digitalization of a large-scale harmonograph for “Move Sound Together” Exhibition at Neon Digital Arts Festival 2011.

Part of the collaboration was to create sonic responses to the harmonographs, reflecting the inherent sonorous motions, theories, and patterns created by them.

A harmonograph is a machine that became popular in the late 19th century and draws a line that is dictated by an interconnection of frequency variations through separate moving parts (commonly pendulums). The pen is attached and constrained by these moving parts, and becomes the focal point of interaction between them: their separate movements are combined and recorded, and we can observe the interrelationships between the frequencies of these movements.