NEoN Digital Arts Archive

Characters posing in a display window


Pictoplasma, the Berlin-based initiative of Peter Thaler and Lars Denicke has been a major force in promoting character design. Their dedication to characters goes far beyond purely commercial contexts. The drive behind Pictoplasma’s ambitious program of publications, animation festivals and events is rooted in the conviction that characters are “a true core stimulus of today’s visual world”—a universal language that transcends cultural boundaries.

Since 1999, they have encouraged the international character design scene by publishing collections of characters, organising character design conferences, and by maintaining the Pictoplasma Archives, an extensive inventory, collection, and showcase of contemporary character design.

For NEoN, Pictoplasma produces a new series of character costumes: hairy, friendly beings full of positive energy. The characters function as a communicative entity and link between archaic interaction and social networks. Several smiling siblings will invade Dundee during the festival, mingle with the visitors and go for the city in urban interventions.

Venue: The City of Dundee
Date: 8th-14th November 2010
Time: Could be anytime!