NEoN Digital Arts Archive

A sculpture of a head


Timothy Guthrie (USA)

9a Ward Road

The Museum of Alternative History (MAH) features documentation, texts and selected objects from artist Timothy Guthrie’s ambitious project developed in response to the ongoing denigration of facts and history in the United States. MAH is about a fake, revised and twisted history. The Museum of Alternative History offers a selection of the fittest explanations for the nature of the world and universe, and alternate histories contrary to … well … history.

About the Artist:

Tim Guthrie has been awarded Independent Artist Fellowships in 2011, 2008, 2007 and 2006 (Distinguished Artist) from the Nebraska Arts Council for both his traditional art and his experimental animation work. He was also awarded Best Visual Artist in 2014 by the Omaha Arts and Entertainment Awards and for Best New Media Artist and Best Group Show (Museum of Alternative History), 2011 (Extraordinary Rendition) and 2008 (Nuclear Dichotomies) and Best New Media Artist in 2008. He was also nominated for his shows “Flow” and “Cli•mac•ter•ic” for 2010 and for 3 additional OEAAs in 2011.