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Calling all digital creatives, developers, and thinkers – help us kickstart V&A at Dundee Digital!

V&A at Dundee Digital Mash is an informal event designed to kickstart V&A at Dundee Digital as part of NEoN Festival 2012 – the ‘mash’ referring to the way in which ideas and energy will be mixed up to create innovative new channels and activities with a real cutting-edge. NEoN, Scotland’s only digital arts festival was chosen as the perfect platform for the launch due to its origins in the city of Dundee and its dizzying programme which spans the digital gamut from cutting-edge music and games development to augmented reality and physical computing.

V&A at Dundee Digital Mash will capitalise on the wealth of experience gathering in the city for the festival and provide an opportunity to be part of a new international community aiming to deliver a world-leading digital/interactive experience for V&A at Dundee, the first-ever design museum to be built in the UK outside of London.

Examples of the range of digital activity V&A at Dundee might cover include innovative exhibitions telling the story of digital design; exploring how digital developments have revolutionised other design disciplines (from architecture to fashion), and creating new ways of accessing physical data remotely through augmented reality and virtual networks. V&A at Dundee Digital Mash is designed to kickstart this journey and explore the possibilities across the core threads of design heritage past, present, and future, creative learning, and design-led business innovation.

This is the inaugural V&A at Dundee Digital Mash and the idea is that interested parties would then form part of a group who play a key role in the development of V&A at Dundee Digital, meeting virtually – and over coffee! – on a regular basis, and more formally as required.

Event information
Title: V&A at Dundee Digital Mash
Venue: Caffe Borsa
Where: Panmure Street
When: Wednesday 7th November
Time: 8pm