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Child with a parent crafting at a table


Creative writing workshops exploring Character; this year’s theme for NEoN

Make (it) Yourself

Children's workshop (age 5-11) 10.30am - 11.30am

Kids were invited to creatively explore their own character and personality using words and art together! Throughout the workshop children will construct their own “book about me”, drawing inspiration from poetry, books, and image, experimenting with colour, collage, drawing and painting!

Make (it) Yourself

Young Person's Workshop (age 12-16) 12pm - 1pm

Progressing from the previous session, young people will explore their identities through words and images. They will develop their own creative autobiographies using words, drawing, painting, collage and more!

Make (it) Yourself

Adult workshop (age 17+) 2pm - 4pm

Whether you’re just starting out, revisiting an old pastime or just looking for an opportunity to express yourself through creative writing, this session will explore fun and practical ways to develop your writing skills. A combination of visual prompts, games, and sound advice will help you to create and develop characters, as well as exploring different techniques to enhance writing.

Venue: Hannah Maclure Centre
Date: 16th October 2010