NEoN Digital Arts Archive

Installation of a circle of shoes mounted on robotic arms


NEoN Digital Arts Festival is proud to announce that this years programme will feature work created by German-based artist Peter William Holden, who is considered most famous for his self-made choreographed robotic structures. Well known for his kinetic sculptures performing choreographed routines, Peters work demonstrates his fascination with moving imagery and the transformation of objects. He enjoys taking mundane objects and making them into moving machines.

“Currently with my work I am exploring ways of dissolving the boundaries between cinematography and sculpture.”

Another key element includes dance that often also plays a significant role in his work, creating a dynamic and engaging digital art experience. Visitors to NEoN 2012 can experience the mechanical magic of Peters work through the Finding Kinaesthesia exhibition, which launched on the 9th of November at Abertays’ Hannah Maclure Centre.

Event information
Title: Finding Kinaesthesia Opening
Venue: Hannah Maclure Centre
Where: Abertay Union (top floor), Bell Street
When: Friday 9th November
Time: 6-9 pm

Exhibition continues until Friday 14th December. Gallery opening times: Mon-Fri, 10 am-4.30 pm