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Wha’s Dundee is a city-wide project, coordinated by Nilupul Foundation, led by young people in Dundee, and funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. Working to preserve cultural heritage through Digital Archiving, Wha’s Dundee aims to secure the unique migratory heritage of Dundee’s population and to celebrate the cultural diversity of the city through a series of multicultural, inter-generational events and projects.

In this age of digital who is archiving our life? And what happens to it when we are gone? We look to answer this question with the help of Dr Wendy Moncur FRSA. Reader in Socio-Digital Interaction at the University of Dundee, Dr Moncur’s research explores the bequest, inheritance and repurposing of personal data, such as emails, photos and social network site interactions, in the context of the death of technology users.

Members of the Wha’s Dundee project team, the local community and digital artists will join Dr Moncur at this event to lead an interactive panel discussion on the importance of preserving our personal digital lives and histories and also look into the importance of how we preserve digital art-work.

The 21st Century is a digital age and our lives leave a mark on the global ‘Digisphere’.

Event information

Title: Living a Digital Life & Dying a Digital Death!
Venue: Nilipul Foundation
Where: 51 Reform Street
When: Wednesday 6th November
Time: 6.45pm
Booking required, tickets available here