NEoN Digital Arts Archive

Screenshot of a 3D scan of a Nautilus Shell


Caroline Erolin

Mary Slessor Gardens (North East side)

Dr Caroline Erolin, Lecturer in Medical Art at the Centre for Anatomy and Human Identification, University of Dundee, has been working on creating 3D digital scans of historic specimens and objects from the D’Arcy Thompson Zoology Museum. As part of the Centenary celebration of D’Arcy Thompson’s book ‘On Growth and Form’ this ‘Sharing Not Hoarding’ exhibition brings together images of these digital reconstructions with links for you to see them online via the University’s Sketchfab account here, where you can download them to create 3D prints.

D’Arcy Thompson’s specimens were acquired from across the world, from other zoologists and natural history museums, from far-flung expeditions and from professional natural history dealers. Many would have arrived by ship at Dundee’s harbour, the site of the Sharing Not Hoarding poster project – perhaps from the whalers bringing walrus skulls and narwhal tusks, or from cargo ships bringing goods from around the world. Stand exactly where D’Arcy would have, and virtually hold the specimen in your hand.

Programmed in partnership with ‘Sharing Not Hoarding‘.