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Computer chip with cables attached


A workshop that is open to anyone. No previous programming or electronics experience is required.

Peter William Holden practice explores ways to dissolve the boundaries between cinematography and sculpture. His recent investigations of this theme have involved the use of computers combined with mechanical elements to create mandala-like installations. These installations create ephemeral animations and this choreography of movement is the focal point of his work.

Within this afternoon workshop, Holden will invite you to create your own moving, talking, singing miniature installation. He will share with you his knowledge of mechanical kinetics and his ability to form beautifully choreographed dances using found objects. The group will unite their creations to create cacophony which will feature in the exhibition at the Hannah Maclure Centre.

Event information
Title: [Creative Introduction] to Physical Computing
Venue: Hannah Maclure Centre
Where: Abertay Union (top floor), Bell Street
When: Saturday 10th November
Time: 12pm – 3pm