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It’s back where it all started a year ago! Creative Dundee will present Pecha Kucha Night Dundee Volume 4, taking place on Tuesday 6th November 2012, part of NEoN Digital Arts Festival 2012. So, whether you’re a PKN regular or just curious to find out what it’s all about, do read on!

We like to give a huge thank you to our Pecha Kucha collaborative partner Creative Dundee, who coordinated and resourced some great speakers. PKN Vol 4 was sponsored by CEO’s Starter for 6 programmes, so on behalf of Creative Dundee, we would like to give them a big thanks!

We are delighted to hear from a few of our festival visitors that Pecha Kucha Vol 4 has been the best yet. We believe this had to be the result of a grand collection of speakers. All talks were full of wonderful insights into the lives in Dundee. The PKN Vol 4 presenters included: Nikki McWilliams, Phil Wilson, Tin Roof, Suzy Glass, Peter William Holden, Anna Day, Dr. Pippin Barr, Clive Gillman, Mhairi Towler, Jessie McGoff, Jaygo Bloom, Erin Michno, and Chris Martin.

We know that our audience left with a high sense of Dundee community pride.

Take a dozen or so creative presenters with 20 images and only 20 seconds to discuss each; add a splash of lights and camera; and then toss in say, 200 enthusiastic audience members; mix well with heaps of good atmosphere; a dash of nerves; a pint or two of beer; and you have the perfect ingredients for Pecha Kucha Night Dundee.

For this event Creative Dundee has teamed up with Cultural Enterprise Office’s Starter for 6 – Scotland’s premier start-up and investment programme for creative industry entrepreneurs; and following the main PKN event, there will be a chance to hang back, enjoy a comp drink and a chat!

We will be announcing the presenters over the next few weeks, you can expect a good mix of creative folks from all sorts of backgrounds and places… You can watch all previous PKN presentations over here. You can see the audience’s thoughts and photos from the night over here.

Event information
Title: Pecha Kucha Night
Venue: Chamber East
Where: Panmure Street
When: Tuesday 6th November
Time: 7pm – 10pm
Tickets: Available using the Eventbrite form below.