NEoN Digital Arts Archive

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Larisa Blazic

Saturday 9 November, 10:00am - 1:00pm

Level 3, Space 5
Dundee, DD1 2DB

What does it mean to strike in the digital domain and how can citizens mobilise and organise for collective action?

Example mapping for collective bargaining is a discursive exploration looking at possible pathways to a data strike. During the workshop participants are invited to explore collective bargaining in labour union tradition through ‘word & image example mapping’, a subverted software design methodology, and investigate what is a breach, how to communicate alert, mobilise and organise citizens locally and across neighbourhoods in response to mass-scale personal data harvesting. The goal of the workshop is to further develop the project Data Union Fork in co-creation with the public, reflect on what it means to strike in the digital domain and identify imaginative scenarios under which citizens can mobilise and organise for collective action.

About the Artist

Larisa Blazic is a London-based artist focusing on a critical examination of digital technology, its impact on power relations, dominant narratives surrounding it and consequences of lack of ethical consideration and/or framework in the world of digital innovation. Over the past 20 years, Larisa has been combining hybrid interests ranging from creative use of the Internet to intersections of video art and architecture and has initiated, collaborated and participated internationally in projects ranging from to FLOSS art and design.

Image Credit: Data Union Fork by Larisa Blazic