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Two models showing off outfits


Maisie Farrer

REVOLT(ING) by MEF is a tongue-in-cheek political fashion collection made from preloved business workwear and was featured in the Scotland Re:Designed Fashion Festival on November 15th 2022. The project was produced by Kathryn Rattray and the Federation Gallery, and worked with recent art and design graduates to give local young creatives opportunities to be involved in a large project.

In collaboration with NEoN, we had two upcycling workshops that invited the local community to communicate their feelings about the current political climate through mark-making and hand dyeing. One workshop worked alongside young people from Kindred Clothing and Front Lounge, while the other invited young artists beginning their creative careers. Four garments made in the workshops were included in MEF’s collection and combined alternative perspectives about modern day Britain.

About the artist

Maisie Farrer is a fashion and textile designer whose work balances a DIY punk ideology with a high-fashion aesthetic. Her projects often include juxtaposition and symbolism to comment on historical and present day societal views. A huge part of Maisie’s style comes from her love for texture and mark-making which she explores through unconventional techniques.