NEoN Digital Arts Archive

Person holding a painted piece of paper


Padmini Ray Murray & Holly White

Friday 12 November 2021, 1:00pm - 4:00pm.

Padmini Ray Murray and Holly White have worked together on the NEoN digital arts festivals outreach programme. They have gathered the local community's thoughts and ideas on what a community-run internet could look like.

This women-led process involved community members in talking about internet privacy, online safety, digital justice, data ownership, and data commoning and alternative internets with a focus on how these issues affect women online.

Padmini and Holly worked with Stobswell Community Forum to deliver a series of workshops in the form of collaborative sci-fi games allowing participants to develop these ideas in a playful and relaxed environment.

About the Artists

Padmini Ray Murray research-led practice focuses on challenging acts of infrastructural and algorithmic violence and creating alternative digital spaces and imaginations that are characterised by feminist values, specifically ethics of care. To explore the possibilities of manifesting these spaces, Padmini founded Design Beku, a design, and digital collective, that aims to dismantle expectations created by market-driven notions of design by following design justice principles, that advocate designing with, and not for. Padmini's work, both individually and with the collective, is invested in creating contextually relevant and nuanced artefacts that communicate complex concepts simply, playfully, and with a sense of joy.

Holly White is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Glasgow. She works primarily in installation, film, digital, and text, utilising handmade craft processes alongside computer-based elements. Her work blends factual narratives with speculative science fiction. Recent solo exhibitions include Cordova, Barcelona; Almanac, Turin; and Jupiter Woods, London, and her work has been included in group presentations at Tate Britain, Bologna Museum of Modern Art, Serpentine Galleries, and David Roberts Art Foundation. She is currently producing a video game. Holly also works with schools and community groups and has recently produced work with young people at Rumpus Rooms, Glasgow; Collective Gallery, Edinburgh; Hospitalfield House, Arbroath and Serpentine Galleries, London.