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Person crafting with LED lights at a table


Future Materials Workshop – crafted by Creative Dundee

In this 2-hour workshop, participants will make a wearable fibre optic piece to take away; following a 30-minute intro talk and live demo by Sara Robertson, Lecturer/Researcher in Smart Materials/Textiles @DJCAD.

Find out more about the science behind fibre optic materials, gain an insight into the work of textile designers using fibre-optic materials together with handcraft processes of textile design, explore the materiality and potential of optical fibre, understand simple electronics (using LEDs to light the material).

Event information
Title: Crafting Light – Fibre Optic Wearables: £10pp
Venue: Roseangle Arts Society
Where: Roseangle
When: Sunday 2nd November
Time: 2pm – 4pm